For Orlando…

Orlando ribbonThe Lord proclaims:
A voice is heard in Ramah,
   weeping and wailing.
It’s Rachel crying for her children;
   she refuses to be consoled,
   because her children are no more.
-Jeremiah 31: 15

Holy God,

we  weep, we lament,
and we trust that you hear our tears
    before they begin to fall.
Another senseless act of violence,
   with its seeds planted from the rhetoric of our world.
Homophobia and xenophobia should not be
   challenges anyone faces,
and yet we are weeping for our LGBTQ* and Latino/a  brothers and sisters. 

There are words of comfort and peace and love to be said,
   but God, let us be unsettled a little longer.
Let our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our whole beings
   remind us this is not ok.
And may your Spirit evoke in us
   a willingness to speak out, to walk alongside,
     to demand justice for these precious lives lost in Orlando.

 Hear our prayers, our tears, our anger, our helplessness.

In the name of Christ we pray, amen.

Written June 13, 2016, by Chaplain Michelle Freeman Owens (M.Div.’05)

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