Gems for your Journey: Strength for the Task

By Veronica Martin Thomas (M.Div. ’07)

The theme for this year’s Black Alumni Association Trailblazer Award was, “Strength for the Task.”  The New Testament foundation Scripture was I Peter 5:6-10 with emphasis on verse 10.  This verse assures us that after we have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace will determine what is a, “little while.”  You do know that suffering is a part of our Christian walk.  Psalm 34:19 states:  “many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”  I believe the translation that says, “the Lord delivers him out of “each one,” accentuates God’s intervention on behalf of each individual.  God of all grace is concerned about each one of our afflictions.  God of all grace will not send anyone else to rescue His children from suffering.   God of all grace will come himself to restore us.  God of all grace will mend our broken lives and make us whole.  God of all grace will support us, make us whole and support us making our way stable despite the instability we feel living in a world that inflicts suffering upon us. God of all grace will strengthen us giving us the ability to succeed in all that we do for Him.  God of all grace will establish us, building in us a firm foundation that will make up steadfast and immovable when facing attacks of our enemies.

Just remember that the God of all grace who made all flesh knows that nothing is too difficult for him.  This same God is in control of all things both in this world and throughout eternity.  Let us respond to the Word of God, “Amen.  So be it!”

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