Black Lives Matter, Part #2

Rev. William Freeman, BAA Parliamentarian

In my first article on this subject, I talked about how it was back in 1965 – some fifty-one (51) years ago.  In the last paragraph of that article I stated that, “I pray it will not take another Selma or Bloody Sunday to galvanize this country into living up to its creed that ALL men and women are created equal.”

Well, sad to say, recent events in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Charlotte, North Carolina and El Cajon, California are vivid reminders that racism is still alive and well in America.  Recently, it is being reported that more whites than blacks are shot by cops, and that may be true, as there are more whites than blacks in this country.  However, the uproar in the streets is because most of the black men who are shot are unarmed.  And, the question is, how long will this go on?

It seems that a major problem is that many of the police officers, male and female, are scared of Black men and even Black children.  How old was Tamir Rice?  Who was the cop in the helicopter who said Mr. Cruther, “looked like a bad dude!”  I ask, “What does a ‘bad dude’ look like from a helicopter high up in the air?”

Lastly, a few police officers have come right out and said, “I was afraid” or “I feared for my life.”  They know those are code words that will get them off or cleared of indictment.  Fear does not justify poor police tactics.

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