Gems for the Journey – God Sees Us, Do We See God? 2 Kings 6:6-17

By  Veronica Thomas (M.Div.’07)

In our text today we see the prophet Elisha, the successor to Elijah, as God’s prophet doing what God ordained him to do: forewarn. In response to his call, Elisha was “forwarning” the King of Israel of the plans of the King of Syria. Despite Israel’s spiritual sins, the Lord was always with them.  The Syrian King thought someone in his cabinet was relaying vital information to the King of Israel, so he called his cabinet together to confront them; but was informed that Elisha, the prophet in Israel, was forwarning the King of Israel of their plans.

It seems that with this information, the King of Syria should have been convicted in his heart for his misdeeds, but he was not.  Man’s ability to resist God is simply amazing!  In his stupidity the King of Syria sends his army to capture Elisha who is cool, calm and collected.  His servant is alarmed because of the multitude of the Syrian army – not Elisha.  Here, the Holy Spirit is telling us not to be dismayed by that which appears on the surface. The believer is not to walk “after the flesh; but rather after the spirit” as we are reminded in Romans 8.  Elisha asks God to open his servant’s eyes. The Holy Spirit allows things to happen so that you and I may understand, by faith, that we are surrounded by His presence even though we cannot see Him with our natural eye. What an encouragement!

In this passage, we are given a glimpse into the Spirit world of righteousness.  Elisha’s prayer, “O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see” (2 Kings 6:17a), is one of the most comforting in all scripture. However great the dangers that surround us, we too are guarded by the power of our God.

Elisha’s servant was no longer afraid when he saw God’s mighty heavenly army. Faith reveals that God is doing more for his people than we can ever realize through sight alone. When we face difficulties, such as the actions of ungodly individuals, that seem insurmountable; remember that spiritual resources are there even if we can’t see them. Look with eyes of faith and let God do the rest.  If we don’t see God working in our lives, the problem may be our spiritual eyesight’ not God’s power. God sees us; do we see God?  Pray as the Gospel Clefs sing; “Father, open our eyes that we may see.” Let us close by responding to the Word of God, “Amen.  So be it!”

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