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Why should I consider making a gift from my IRA?

TomAndGinger Scott 1
Tom and Ginger Scott

By Bernie Howell
Advancement Operations Manager

Married for 53 years, Tom and Ginger Scott delight in frequent family celebrations with their children and grandchildren both in their hometown of Columbia, Maryland, and during summer vacations at the beach.  Joyful moments can be at times small to sometimes grand – watching a trio of fox kits frolic in the yard or thrilling to fireworks over the Sydney Opera House.

Ginger minored in religion at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, and after graduation she worked as an educational assistant at a church in South Carolina.  She returned to Richmond in 1959 to attend the Presbyterian School of Christian Education (PSCE).  This was her next step to gain greater theological knowledge and educational skills from many gifted and dedicated professors and students at Union Theological Seminary (UTS) and PSCE.  She fondly remembers classes with Wade Boggs, Sara Little and Glenn Bannerman.

While a student at PSCE, Ginger realized that gifts from many Presbyterians kept her class fees low.  This is the fundamental reason the Scotts continue to support Union Presbyterian Seminary (formerly Union-PSCE).  When asked, “Why do you think Christian education is important?” Ginger replied, “Christian education is more and more important as the church interprets itself to its surrounding community.  It’s exciting to see programs which bring parishioners, old and young, into co-operative efforts to meet the needs of its neighbors.”

After “running the numbers,” Tom and Ginger found that their income taxes were somewhat lower when making a gift directly from an IRA.  This is because — as part of a Minimum Required Distribution — a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) can be made to a 501c(3) organization such as Union to reduce dollar for dollar the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).  A lower AGI determines how much social security income is taxed as well as the percentage by which other itemized deductions are reduced.

The QCD is now part of the permanent tax code.  There is no longer an expiration date, so gifts can be made to a qualified charity this year and well into the future.

Use your IRA to make a tax-wise gift to Union today!